CABIN Restaurant open Monday - Saturday 5.00 pm 250 341 3641 for reservations.



All starters gluten free upon request

Spinach & Artichoke Dip $14
House made dip oven baked & served with crostini

Grilled Shrimp $13
Three shrimp skewers served with spicy aioli

Mussel Pan $15
Canadian Atlantic coast mussels & farmer’s sausage; simmered with
garlic & white wine

Terriaki Beef Tips $15
Beef tenderloin bites, house made glaze, over stir fry noodles

Pulled Pork sliders $15
Slider buns topped with smoked pork, BBQ sauce and Cheddar cheese

Crab Wontons
Creamy crab three cheese filling in crispy wonton cups finished with roasted peppers

Center of the Table

Recommended for tables of 3-6 guests

The Seafood Tray $69
King crab, shrimp skewers, garlic cream mussels, crab wontons and Teriyaki salmon, accompanied by chili mayo, garlic butter and pita bread

The Tray $59

Pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, grilled sausage & shrimp skewers. Accompanied by mac & cheese,pickles, side sauces & pita bread

Soup & Salads

All soups & salads gluten free upon request

Beet Salad $13
Raspberry vinaigrette, Bleu cheese, pecans & roasted carrots over romaine

Caesar Salad $14
Bacon, classic dressing, romaine, Parmesan, croutons & lemon

Chicken Chowder
SM $7 | LG $12
Our signature soup returns. Smoked chicken, bacon, vegetable & potatoes simmered with fresh cream

Bread & Butter $4

Main Plates

All main plates gluten free upon request

Seafood Taster $32
Shell & fin fish, tomato saffron cream, vegetables & potatoes

Blackened Game Hen $32
Side of game hen Cajun spice with roasted potatoes, vegetables & garlic butter

Baseball Sirloin $39
10 oz. Alberta beef steak served with mashed potatoes & vegetables
Finish it your way:
Blackened with Garlic butter
Mushroom sauce
Peppercorn sauce
Shrimp & Garlic butter add $4

Brisket Stir-fry $25
Smoked beef sweet & sour sauce, vegetables & steamed noodles
Add Shrimp or chicken for $8

Spicy Coconut Rice Bowl $25
Pan seared vegetables, lemon grass coconut sauce & chili paste
Add Shrimp or chicken for $8

Lamb Shank $34
Slow braised then finished with maple glaze. Over couscous & vegetables

Teriyaki Salmon $32
Pacific Sockeye salmon, house made sauce, wild rice stir-fry

14 Hour Brisket
8 OZ $25 | 1LB $38
Slow smoked for fourteen hours & carved to order. Served with mashed potatoes & roasted vegetables

Smokehouse Ribs
Pork ribs marinated in our own BBQ sauce. Served with roasted potatoes & vegetables
Full Rack $39
Half Rack $26
Ribs & Chicken $39
A half rack of ribs with half a blackened game hen & garlic butter.

Smoked Chicken and Sausage Mac and Cheese $24
Garlic cream sauce, four cheeses, sausage and smoked chicken
Add Shrimp for $8



Chocolate brownie, butterscotch ice cream, peanut butter sauce & coffee bean candy – Gluten free

Velveteen chocolate ganache, oatmeal crust, bumble berry sauce & vanilla ice cream

Warm cherry sauce & vanilla ice cream – Gluten free

The perfect dessert sharing plate for two

Kids Menu

(12 & under)

Ribs & Fries

Shrimp & Fries

Creamy Chicken Pasta

Chicken Fingers & Fries

Served with an ice cream treat



 Kokanee  $5.50
 Filthy Dirty IPA  $6.00
Sleeman`s Honey Brown  $6.00
 Alexander Keith`s  $6.00
 Okanagan Springs 1516  $6.00
 Coors Lite  $6.00
 Fernie First Trax  $6.00
 Rickard’s White  $6.00
 Corona  $6.50
 Stella Artois  $6.50
 Pilsner Urquell  $7.50
 Guiness  $8.00
 Strongbow Original  $8.00
 LoneTree cran/apple  $5.50

White by the glass



Pinot Gris $7.50 $10.50
Chardonnay $12.50 $18.00
Sauvignon Blanc $12.50 $18.00
Prosecco 200ml $14.00
 Red by the glass  6oz  9oz
 Cabernet Merlot $7.50 $10.50
 Malbec $10.00 $17.50
 Pinot Noir $12.50 $18.00
 Character $13.00 $19.00

An 18% gratuity will be added to tables of 6 or more