Earl Grey Concierge

Earl Grey Concierge has been formed to take care of your property in your absence and provide you with a personalized concierge service before, while and after you visit.
Our focus is to allow Panorama property owners time to enjoy the benefits of their home by removing the worries associated with second home ownership.
By providing a reliable and homeowner minding service, we will strive to become your trusted representative at Panorama. Because we have lived at Panorama for 9 years we have compiled an in-depth network of local contact and service providers for most services, small DIY jobs will be undertake by ourselves personally to save you money and reduce homeownership costs.
Affiliation with Earl Grey Lodge, Greys Restaurant and Panorama Lawn and Yards (PLAY) provides unique services which can not be offered by other local people.
We see the services provided as either proactive or reactive. There are 2 different ways to use our services, either by becoming a client on a monthly contract (proactive) or by ad hock use of our services (reactive)

Program Services

Key Holding

  • Keys held at Earl Grey Lodge for emergency access such as cold temperature alarms, intruder alarms, fire, flood or authorised realses for contrators.
  • Key release/collection service to notified renters (Gold service only)
  • Replacement key cutting
  • Use of our mailing address
  • Delivery address for small items


Property Check

  • On-property and room-by-room inspection
  • Windows and doors secured
  • Water turned off (winter), toilets flushed through with water (summer only)
  • Driveway, walkways and porches inspected and cleaned if agreed with owner*
  • Lights turned off
  • Hot Tub temperature checked
  • Visual check for animal/insect occupancy or damage

Referral program

  • Provide recommendations for sub contractors
  • Arrange appointments with sub contractors (Gold program only, no 3rd party commission)
  • Local Information
  • Advise if property needs periodic cleaning or attention

Inspection Service

  • Annual yard and exterior inspection (free on Silver and Gold program)
  • Photo report for clients inspection and progress status

Arrival Service

  • Greys frozen foods placed in freezer*
  • Heat or air conditioning turned on or windows opened
  • Water heater turned on
  • Snow removed if required*
  • Patio and deck furniture set up
  • Owner specific requests as agreed

Departure Service

  • House cleaned
  • Towels and bedding laundered and replaced (while house cleaned)
  • Dishes washed and kitchen thoroughly cleaned
  • Doors and windows secured
  • Water heater turned off
  • Main water valve turned off
  • Garbage removal

Panorama Lawn And Yards (PLAY) Services

  • Property maintenance:- lawns, weeding, gutters, pressure washing, staining, debris removal, tree removal, fertilizing, weed whacking, landscaping, snow clearence, window cleaning, fire wood delivery and stacking, gravel, tree bark, spraying, plant and lawn watering. Small removals and Windermere landfill trips.

Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates can be purchased for any of the services, especially good for friends who have borrowed your home and want to leave it just right.

This new service at Panorama is available from Sandra Rejzek-Opheim http://www.vacationgrocers.com 250 342 9025, 250 270 0127 (cell). Pre bought grocieries awaiting your arrival, call for details

Pricing and Fees

Our services can be used ad-hock, regularly or built into a home inspection plan. Use one aspect of our service or all of them. Call us and we can discuss your requirements. Bespoke service packages can be organised with agreed pricing

General Labour, Cleaning (including materials), gardening,                                      $35.00/hour

Labour + Machinery (Lawnmowers, Weed Whacker, pressure washers) $50.00/hour

Snow Blowing - $60.00/hour

Key release $15.00

Key holder call out Charge $45.00 (9.00 am - 5.00 pm) $75.00 (5.00 pm – 9.00am)

Key holder call out Charge (program clients) $25.00 (9.00 am - 5.00 pm) $45.00 (5.00 pm – 9.00am)

A $25.00 surcharge is applied for all return checks


Program service

Our program service is designed to create a pro- active approach to managing your recreational property. We offer three plans depending on your requirements and usage of your property. The Bronze plan provides a regular monthly visit to your property to check security, over all condition and be a registered key holder in case of emergency we will also recommend local contractors to you to carry out jobs if we can not assist you ourselves. The Silver Plan is the same as bronze however we will check your property each week and offer snow clearing in the winter. The Gold Plan is the premium plan and provides a more comprehensive service package which moves away from the conventional cost + basis for management companies, this serviced gives owners a direct route to local sub contractors and resources through us, we will organise everything for you and use our best endeavors to get you the most competitive pricing. Your price is the actual price for the job without any additional agent percentage added. We will provide a written report in the spring outlining areas which may need to be addressed during the summer for your consideration. The gold plan also gives you 12 free call out charges to your property with free key release and collection service (ideal if you are renting your property) and 10% off all of Panorama Lawn and Yards services. Basically a one stop service.








  • Key Holding
  • Property Check Monthly
  • Referral Program
  • Key Holding
  • Property Check Weekly
  • Referral Program
  • Snow Removal offered
  • Key Holding & free release/collection
  • Property Check Weekly
  • Referral Program, (non commission based)
  • Snow Removal offered
  • Free Inspection service
  • 12 Free call outs per Year (Value $300.00)
  • 10% off PLAY rate card


Individual service packages can be organised with agreed pricing

Hours are charged at time and a half for out of hours works (5.00 pm – 9.00 am). Minimum of 1 hour per job. (program clients charged by 15 minute segments) Cost of merchandise, repairs, products, fees or additional services are extra. Travel at and around Panorama is inclusive, travel outside of Panorama is charged at $0.60 cents/KM + time. All prices quoted are in Canadian funds and will have HST added. We accept cheques, Debit, MasterCard, Visa Service fees do not include out-of-pocket expenses or travel time. If owners own machinery  is used for any service it is used at their own risk and no liability is accepted by Earl Grey Lodge Inc.